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Whats in my bag 2017


2017 - Whats in my bag

better late than never, heres what I use to capture your special day. 

Its a delayed blog being featured in 2018... However lets digress from that for a moment. 

Since having my first camera as a Nikon, and then moving straight to Sony when I saw their form factor - I was hooked.

For some out there and actually most professionals I knew moving into this industry, there was really only two brands. Canon or Nikon. But when you start seeing full frame sensors with better specs coming out in camera which are cheaper than most of the pro-sumer Canon and Nikons. You start to wonder whats up?

So without further ado, here's the current line up. 

I would just like to point out though, no matter how good the camera is, how fast it can shoot, its ISO and the resolution. None of that matters unless you have good lenses. I guarantee you I could confidently do commission work with an entry level camera if I had a choice of a good lens.

Sony 85 f1.8 lens on the Sony a7rii best wedding lens ever

Sony 85mm f1.8 Lens

Ahh if not one of the best bang for you buck lenses for the Sony lens line up. Giving you that perfect Depth of Field for those creamy wedding portraits or just witness the moment in all its glory, I love this prime lens.

Sony 16-35 f2.8 G Master Lens

my magic go to for weddings the 16-35 f2.8 covers every aspect

As the name implies - your a pro when rocking this kit. Perfect from everything on the landscapes, real- estate, close up sports, surf, etc... you name it this lens can just about do it. Its made to be tough, used and abused - all with the gorgeous f2.8 character which means you can capture images in low light (Did someone say Astrophotography!). This lens doubles as my wide/environmental portrait lens, getting me close to the action and afar. 

Sony A7ii

This simple camera, the entry point to most entering the Sony lineup - comes with so many perks its ridiculous. By sporting a full frame sensor, pretty good noise control, ISO settings of 50, 64 etc...  and the ability to shoot of shutter speeds up to 1/8000 of a second you can basically get away without using those ND filters for portraits in the bright sun. This kit has gone with me up mountains, through the rain, dropped on rocks and everything is sturdy as it should be. The best thing I can add to this lens is that its in body sensor stabilisation is a heaven sent for using any lens. Even if its over 40 years old. 

Sony A7Rii 

So here comes my pride and joy. As most who look into cameras know, the Sony a7rii is an absolute beast of a camera. with a 42 megapixel sensor. Insane dynamic range, ISO noise control and all the features listed of the a7ii. It has better auto focus, video capabilities and lets you print your images BIG. This is perfect for my wedding clients who want large prints after their beautiful day. 

Dji Mavic Pro 

Take to the skies! the portable and compact drone which basically brought Gopro to a halt! The Dji Mavic Pro is able to travel within a 7 km radius from the remote (on a good connection), can shoot 4k video footage, can shoot Raw images at 12 megapixels and can fly for up to 27 minutes on a battery. Granted I don't use it enough but when I do, its a great addition to my kit. If its not to up my landscape game its to get those unique perspectives for weddings to keep my couples stoked on the day! If you haven't got one already then what are you waiting for! 

Take to the skies, the DJI Mavic pro is the perfect little companion to help capture those unique moments at your wedding.


So there you have it, my current go to Kit which can basically capture a whole wedding with ease, Hike up mountains for those epic landscapes or take the easy approach and fly out to a shot. If you have any questions feel free to ask!